Local Buying Tips

Buying a home in this market represents a significant investment. I’ve been thinking about three top tips for you to get a good deal.

  1. Look outside your immediate search area. Select the add surrounding area search feature on the website to widen your search to see what additional homes are available by zip code, neigborhood or city.
  2. Turn that house into a home run. Old carpeting or paint, unkept landscaping, and other cosmetic problems can force a home to be priced lower than competing homes that are move-in ready. Luckily, these kinds of fixes can be realativelly inexpensive to make, and in the end, can save you some money.
  3. Take advantage of browsing distressed listings. Short sales and foreclosures are sill available but not in abundance like they were a few years ago. The process to buy one can be complicated, but if you’re interested in pursuing this option. I can help you  navigate the trasaction and keep things moving along as smoothly as possible.